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We bill our clients based on what our clients want and need.

Only interested in payroll services? We charge our clients a flat fee for each payroll run, as well as a per-employee fee each month. We do not bill for extras, such as delivery of W-2s or quarterly reports, like many of our competitors do.

Only interested in human resources consulting services? We can bill our clients a variety of ways for human resources consulting: on a project basis, an hourly basis or a retainer basis. Again, it depends on our client’s needs.

Looking to outsource your entire HR Department (i.e., payroll, HR consulting, benefits, unemployment and worker’s compensation accounts)? If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. We serve the majority of our clients under a PEO model. By doing so, your business is able to access the same health, dental, vision, long-term disability, 401(k) and life insurance as thousands of other TEG employees, likely resulting in significant cost savings, given economies of scale. And, we administer unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation accounts on your behalf. Or, if you want to keep your employees to yourself, we can do most of the same, but under what’s called an ASO (Administrative Services Only) model.

So, how do we charge for these two types of services? Whether you are interested in the PEO or ASO model, the billing structure is the same. We invoice our clients each month and itemize all charges billed to the client during the applicable pay periods. That invoice will include on it an administrative fee (a per employee, per month charge), as well as the amount of payroll paid on behalf of the client to the employees, any benefits the client has agreed to pay on behalf of its employees, any expense reimbursement paid by TEG to employees, as well as the direct payroll cost.

TEG arranges for its clients to pay their invoices through ACH (also known as electronic funds transfer), in order to ensure efficiency.

Our fees for processing payroll are based on how often we’d run your payroll (example: weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly) and the number of employees on your payroll each month. And guess what? We do NOT charge you any additional fees for specialized reports, distributing W-2s or year-end tax filings. With us, what you see is what you get.

At The Employer Group, we use an unbundled bill approach, so you can see exactly what you are paying for – no hidden costs, at all.