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Human Resources

In a nutshell, we can offer almost anything you ask for. Here are some of them:

  • Handle new employee orientations and on-boarding.
  • Create and revise job descriptions for you.
  • Create/update employee handbooks.
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state-mandated postings.
  • Provide customized forms for you, including employment applications, evaluations, discipline notices and warnings, hiring and termination forms and standard separation agreements.
  • Provide HR best practices advice on FMLA, wage and hour laws, discrimination/harassment laws and termination guidance.
  • Provide employee and supervisor training.
  • Process employee grievances on your behalf.
  • Maintain personnel files for your employees.
  • Provide seminars on up-to-date employment law topics.
  • Assist in the recruiting process.
  • Manage your unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation accounts, offering competitive rates for both of those accounts as well (under the PEO model).
  • Provide ongoing employee relations support as you have day-to-day questions about personnel matters.
  • Answer questions about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on your business.

And, that just about covers it!

Most organizations’ largest business investment is in its people and the benefits offered to those people. In order to get the best return on your investment, doesn’t it make sense to have a quality human resources department? Human resources is an ever-changing industry, with complex laws and regulations. Just trying to keep up with the changes can be a full-time job for any business owner. Grabbing onto a business like The Employer Group to be your HR resource can only benefit your business – large or small.

Small business owners need to focus on “the business of their business.” Most small business owners don’t have the necessary training, knowledge or background required in the “business of managing employees.” TEG brings this expertise to its clients and frees business owners to focus on their core business with fewer headaches. Plus, we’re just fun people to be around.

Not a chance. All hiring decisions are ultimately your decision. Remember, though, that as your HR resource, we will provide you with guidance and education on best hiring practices, if you’d like.

We certainly think so. Under our PEO model, and by providing a comprehensive benefits plan, you are able to compete with larger employers for quality applicants, not to mention retaining your existing workforce. And, if you need some light help in recruiting workers, that’s part of our job, too.

No. We are not an employment agency and we don’t want to be one. We will help our clients define their employee search parameters, job descriptions and help with pre-qualifying interviews. But our focus really is on making your business operate smoother after you’ve hired your employees.

In a PEO relationship, we share with you in advising on the entire spectrum of employment regulations, including federal, state and local discrimination laws. These regulations include, but are not limited to, Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, HIPAA, Equal Pay Act, and COBRA. However, the client, as a worksite employer, must also comply with these laws.

If we are acting as an HR consultant for you (without a PEO relationship), our job is to provide you with HR advice, guidance and education regarding employment laws and regulations. Your job is to adhere to that advice, guidance and education, so ultimately, the responsibility for adhering to the law is yours.

The Employer Group works with nearly every type of industry. Really, any company interested in improving its delivery of human resources to its employees can benefit from outsourcing its HR Department. Check out the Industries we serve.