We [Midwest Prototyping] decided to use The Employer Group when we realized that we were growing very quickly and had no one on staff with any real HR expertise. … They were really the right size for our business, with a real personal touch and just very easy people to get in touch with.  We’ve been surprised by how capable and helpful TEG has been with recruiting.  We have some very unusual positions here and they are always willing to think outside the box and help us draw people from different areas.  Outsourcing the HR component of our business is something that once you do it, you wish you’d done it much sooner.  It’s taken away a lot of headaches.

Steven Grundahl

As a Massage Envy Regional Developer, I work with a lot of new business owners, working to become successful with their own Massage Envy franchises.   I own and operate my own franchises as well.  In both of those contexts, I see the tremendous value in The Employer Group.   I did not come to this challenge having an HR background nor do most of the owners that I help. They offer me HR consulting when I need it, advice when I ask for it, and ensure my employees are paid on time and without issue.   The Employer Group’s owner, Angie Heim, has a small business, too, so she understands what I’m going through with my own company.  In a lot of ways, I feel as if we’re in this business together.  Honestly, sometimes I feel that The Employer Group is as much a part of my business as I am.

Ginger Hartman, Regional Developer and Owner

We [Oxygen One] do not have a dedicated HR person, so we rely heavily on TEG to help us out with that.   As a small business, there are certain services TEG provides that we wouldn’t really have access to on our own.  They administer our payroll and they administer our health plan so we can buy insurance at a much cheaper rate.  Additionally, a lot of value we get is through TEG managing our HR files, helping us with our employee handbook, with employee issues and so on.   TEG comes in and does training when we ask, they help us do employee reviews… you name it, if it’s HR-related, they are ready to step in and help us out.  They really are a partnership when we have challenges, especially from an HR standpoint.  With TEG, I really feel like I’ve got someone in our corner to help us out.

Rick Adamich

As a small not-for-profit we recognize the value of our employees in achieving our mission. Providing competitive benefits was a challenge for us prior to meeting The Employer Group. From my first meeting with them I realized how valuable they could be to our organization. They streamlined payroll administration and then went on to save us significant time and money with our benefits. Their human resources expertise has guided us through several challenges. I’ll tell anyone who asks that working with The Employer Group is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Mary Ales, Executive Director

They’ve been great to work with: very responsive, very customer service oriented. I can’t say enough good things about them frankly!

Linda Remeschatis