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Planning Your Organization’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Planning Your Organization’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By The Employer Group - Mar 13, 2020

Every hour, we are learning more and more about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our federal, state and local governments’ responses to it. These decisions have an impact on your business, your employees and their families. Here are a few items to consider when planning for your organization’s response. These are only suggestions – as the business owner, you’ll need to develop your own organization’s plan according to your business, your clients, and your employees.

  1. Develop general guidelines for your facility.
    • Will you stay open and operational?
    • Will you limit visitors?
    • Will you change your cleaning schedule?
    • Will you add disinfection to your cleaning schedule?
    • Is it practical for employees to work from home?
        • If so, what IT security issues should your consider?
        • What communication from remote workers do you expect?
    • Remind people to follow personal hygiene recommendations.
        • Wash hands.
        • Cover coughs and sneezes.
        • Clean and disinfect surfaces.
  2. Develop general guidelines for employees who are ill.
    • What should employees do when they are sick or symptomatic?
        • Ask them to stay home and work with their medical provider.
        • Ask them to keep their supervisors informed of any test results.
    • What should an employee do if they are diagnosed?
    • Consider reviewing your paid time off policy and make any adjustments during this period.
  3. Develop travel guidelines.
    • Determine if your business can cancel or delay non-essential travel.
    • Work with employees who travel on personal business/vacation to monitor/determine if they are a risk for spreading the virus in the workplace.
  4. Determine visitor/meeting guidelines.
    • Determine your plan for allowing visitors to your building.
    • Determine how meetings will be held (rescheduled, over-the-phone, Skype?).
    • Decide if you want to ask employees to not shake hands with visitors/meeting attendees/clients.

Please visit for the most current and informative data and news on COVID-19.

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