How Are You Branding Your Employee Experience?

Marla Rybowiak, Director of Operations | Jul 6, 2018

One marketing strategy companies may overlook is the one directed at their employees and possible employees. What message does your brand send to potential employees? Now that we’re in a candidates’ market, are you articulating why your company is an employer of choice?

A strong employment brand includes a real understanding of your target market. We all want the best talent for our jobs, but the candidate you ultimately hire should be the right fit for your organization. Tell potential employees about your culture – what it’s like to work at your organization. Tell them what your company stands for, and what makes people successful there. For example, if your culture hums because employees are extremely autonomous and independent, a collaborative employee may not be the best fit.

What is your differentiator in the employee marketplace? Is it “cost”, i.e., higher salaries than the market, or a rich benefits package? Or what is truly something that makes working at your organization special? At the end of the day, most employees feel that the work they do, whom they do it with and for, and the self-satisfaction they get from accomplishing something meaningful outweighs their pay.

How do you use your website, social media and current employees to showcase your employment brand? When a potential job candidate goes to your website, will they get a feel for why they should work there and what it’s like to work there? Are your social media pages reflecting the employee experience enough to project your employment brand message? If you’re looking for employees who care about your clients, the other employees and the community in which you work, be sure your website isn’t only about your “product”. If you’re extremely product driven, then you’re on the right track.

Don’t assume you know all the answers to these questions. Ask your employees how they describe working there, and what they feel is the most value they receive from working there.

The more you can articulate your employment brand – from your website to job postings to interview questions and onboarding – the more successful you’ll be at attracting and retaining the best.

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