Millennials and Generation Z Employees in the Workplace – Hire Us!

Employer Group, a fellow Millennial | Mar 17, 2017

With new generations entering into the workforce comes new perspective. We refer to these newbies as Generation Z (born from 1996 and beyond) and their older counter parts as Millennials (born between 1977 and 1995). This new wave of people entering the workplace are not just tech literate.   They are actually accustomed to being connected anywhere at any time. They don’t follow the cut-and-dry career paths of their parents; instead they dare to be different. The sheer volume of Millennials and Gen Z-ers, combined with the lack of Gen X-ers and the increasing retirement of Baby Boomers means employers will be facing leadership gaps.  Businesses will be looking to the new generations to fill those gaps.

Here are a few reasons Millennials and Gen Z-ers make good employees:

  • They’re ambitious. They are ambitious fundraisers and salespeople. They want to see results so they are willing to put in extra hours and take on more responsibilities to make things happen!
  • They’re tech-savvy. Since they’re the first generations to be brought up with computers, smart-phones, etc. they can operate and recommend the most advanced tools and technologies. They can teach you how to use things like content management systems and social media.
  • They’re team players. They have a heightened sense of community and peer-to-peer relationships. Events like September 11 and ongoing fears of terrorism have led to feelings of patriotism and a desire to help others. These feelings translate into a group mentality and increased collaborations in the workplace—which is great for business.
  • They’re current. Hiring these generations helps keep your company up-to-date with social, entertainment, and other market trends. If you build a relationship and offer them with opportunity to grow within your company, your Gen Z and Millennials will reward you with continued relevance.

Millennials and Gen Z-ers have a great amount of drive, talent, and ambition to bring to the table. They are loyal and are able to innovate your company to match the changing times.  Questions?  Reach out to The Employer Group!

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