Why You Should Not Prepare Your Tax Return with Your Last Paycheck Stub

Amber Aquino, Payroll Specialist | Feb 22, 2018
Most employees want to get their refund as soon as possible, and many have prepared their tax return using their last paycheck stub of the year. The truth is...

How Do We Put the Brakes on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Marla Rybowiak, Director of Operations | Feb 16, 2018
Ending sexual harassment in the workplace doesn’t happen just because you’ve implemented a policy or provided a training video upon hire.  As the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s website states,...

America Saves Week 2018 – Revisiting How You Save

Ashley Aschliman, Operations Coordinator | Feb 1, 2018
The annual America Saves Week is being held from February 26th to March 3rd this year. It is coordinated by the nonprofit groups America Saves and the

Attention to Retention

Kelley Lynch, HR Assistant | Jan 26, 2018
Regardless of the size of your company or even the industry you are in, your employees are the most important asset to your company.  At a recent Greater Madison...

Take Advantage of Direct Deposit

Jami Anderson, FPC, Payroll Specialist | Jan 22, 2018
Many payroll providers, including The Employer Group, offer direct deposit as an option to receive your scheduled paycheck. While some employees may be hesitant to set up direct deposit, there...