Ideas to Improve Your Financial Health

Eric Lowry, CPA, Controller | Sep 17, 2018
No-one likes to be blindsided by financial hardship. Here are some ideas to help ensure your financial situation stays healthy.

Paycheck Checkup

Brian Gile, Financial Reporting Accountant | Aug 31, 2018
The IRS recently issued a news release urging taxpayers, especially ones with children or dependents, to double check their tax withholdings. With all of the tax changes that have...

America Works Because We’re Working for America

Bobbi Burg, Payroll Specialist | Aug 27, 2018
Labor Day is just around the corner and this means summer is coming to an end, football season will be starting soon, and most importantly it’s time to celebrate...

I Just Received a Garnishment Notice for an Employee. Now What?

Amy Grazioso, FPC, Senior Payroll Specialist | Aug 13, 2018
A garnishment notice is sent to an employer when a court directs that employer to withhold earnings for an employee’s debt. Different types of garnishments include:
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • ...

Setting Your New Hires Up For Success

Tiffany AndrewsTiffany Andrews, HR Assistant | Aug 6, 2018
You’ve hired a new employee, now how do you keep them? The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 3.9% this week. This means that your new hires have plenty of...