We Can Help.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Your company is small, but growing, and adding employees, but you aren’t quite sure you’ve dotted all of the i’s and crossed all of the t’s when making those hires.
  • You spend too much time processing payroll and/or PTO requests.
  • You know you need to update your handbook and hiring/termination processes, but you just can’t seem to find the time to commit to such an undertaking.
  • Your organization isn’t large enough for a full-time HR person, but you still need human resources expertise and wish an HR hotline existed for a fast consultation every now and then.
  • Your HR needs are currently being covered by a number of managerial employees, none of whom have any formal training in HR.
  • You are getting tired of paying the hourly rate of your company attorney every time you’ve got a quick HR question or concern.
  • You are getting bogged down—both in time and money—in managing benefits for your staff.

If even only one of these scenarios sounds familiar, The Employer Group can help. These days, businesses are increasingly faced with mounting administrative tasks and compliance issues surrounding their workforce. And while most companies’ largest expense is its employees, human resources is rarely a business owner’s area of expertise.

That’s where The Employer Group steps in. We are your Human Resource Resource.™ We can handle all of your HR needs – from payroll processing to benefits management, to employee relations and compliance assurance.

You need the right skills and knowledge to make sure you and your employees are taken care of – The Employer Group is exactly the team of experts you need to make sure those needs are met.