Setting Your New Hires Up For Success

Tiffany AndrewsTiffany Andrews, HR Assistant | Aug 6, 2018

You’ve hired a new employee, now how do you keep them? The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 3.9% this week. This means that your new hires have plenty of other options if they are unsatisfied early in their career with your organization. Setting your employees up for success is a great way to keep your employees engaged and happy.

  1. Tell your employees why they were hired. Yes, it is important that the employee knows what they were hired to do, but telling your employees why they were hired helps build self-confidence, quickens the engagement process, and helps them leverage their strengths right off the bat.
  2. Find out why the employee accepted the position. This helps build trust between the new employee and manager which leads to a positive working relationship. Also, knowing why the candidate chose your organization provides valuable insight into your hiring process and employment brand.
  3. Implement an effective new hire onboarding and orientation program. This isn’t a one-day experience; it begins when a person is hired and ends when that person can completely perform his/her job duties. Your onboarding and orientation program can be the tipping point when an employee decides to stay or make an early exit.

These steps will help your new hires align with your mission and values which will lead to an engaged employee. Your hiring process may be great to find the perfect technical and cultural fit for the job, but the work will all be wasted if you do not set your employees up for success. The Employer Group works closely with its clients to provide a strong new hire experience. How can we help you do the same? Contact us!

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