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Attract & Retain Generation Z

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Attract & Retain Generation Z

By The Employer Group - Mar 15, 2023

Generation Z (Gen Z) has been roughly defined as those born between 1997 and 2012 succeeding the Millennial demographic cohort. As the first social generation to have grown up in the digital age of the internet, Gen Z is technologically savvy and highly digitally adaptable.

According to the World Economic Forum, it’s predicted that by 2025, Gen Z will make up about 27% of the workforce.

Cost of living, climate change, and unemployment are Gen Zs’ top three concerns, according to The Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z & Millennial Survey.

Cost of Living – Many are worried about their finances and live paycheck to paycheck. Gen Z may choose to take on an additional job, work remotely, or choose a hybrid position as a response to these worries in order to create supplementary income or reduce expenses.

Climate Change – Gen Z is interested in working for organizations that prioritize sustainability and takes action against climate change. Many are increasingly vocal about their climate concerns and challenge decisions when a sustainable alternative is available.

Unemployment – As a large portion of Gen Z were children during the 2008 Recession, they are more risk-averse and money-conscious, unemployment is a concern for them.

What can employers do to attract and retain Gen Z? Social networking is where Gen Z looks for and discovers job prospects. Gen Z is challenging the status quo when it comes to work-life balance. In lieu of an entirely in-person workplace, they prefer flexible work schedules and the option to work remotely or in a hybrid capacity. Gen Z places a high importance on personal and professional development as well as having a clearly defined career path. Also, the tech-savvy generation places great importance on technology, therefore it’s valuable to invest in the latest technology.

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