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Best Practices for Recruiting

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Best Practices for Recruiting

By The Employer Group - Jul 02, 2024

When companies are recruiting for positions, it is important to keep the candidates engaged from the beginning to the end of the recruiting process. Since the 2020 pandemic, virtual hiring has increased immensely among companies. This causes hardship in trying to build relationships with candidates and diminishes in-person engagement. It is the recruiting team’s job to ensure that they are keeping constant contact and providing a realistic hiring timeline.

According to SHRM, “The top three reasons why candidates withdrew from the hiring process are their time being disrespected due to poor communication or never receiving feedback, the process taking too long, and the salary not meeting their expectations.”

Staying connected and building relationships even with those individuals who are not hired can be an effective strategy. In the event that the originally chosen candidate does not work out, there are still those whom you can reach out to or create an effective network. The repercussions to ineffectively maintaining relationships could be detrimental to the employer brand, the way in which the public views your company.

To avoid losing high quality candidates and damaging the company’s reputation, you should follow SHRM’s best practices for recruiting:

  • Target the talent you need
  • Build your brand
  • Embrace mobile applications and social media
  • Cultivate and engage talent networks

If you are looking to create a more effective recruiting process but don’t know where to start, reach out to The Employer Group. Our team of experts can help you implement an effective strategy that best fits your needs!



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