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Cost-Effective Ways to Boost the Wellbeing of Your Staff

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Cost-Effective Ways to Boost the Wellbeing of Your Staff

By The Employer Group - Oct 29, 2018

The success of any organization depends heavily on the productivity and work performance of its human resources, and yet there are so many factors affecting how engaged an employee is on a given day.

One way to keep employees engaged is to help support their physical and emotional health. Employers don’t have to establish complicated wellness programs that are governed by health information privacy laws or have tax implications to establish a company culture of wellbeing.

A culture of wellbeing is a mindset that says, “We care about you”. It should reflect your organizational values and be meaningful for the staff. How can you create this culture in a cost-effective, meaningful way?

Offer a Wellness Pantry

Stock up on healthy food and drink options for the office. Provide fresh fruit for your employees to snack on throughout the week, or provide other options such as nuts, vegetables, yogurt or protein bars. Encourage water consumption by offering filtered water and company-branded water bottles. Coordinate a healthy-lunch pot luck or offer healthy choices when ordering in food.

Monitor Paid Time Off Usage

Often employers monitor paid time off (PTO) usage for abuse, but what about for non-use? PTO is offered to keep employees connected to themselves, their families and their friends. If they’re not using PTO, they may not be paying enough attention to themselves. And if the organization’s leaders aren’t using PTO, what message does that send your team?

Communicate Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Many organizations offer an Employee Assistance Program through their welfare benefits, but they don’t promote it. Add a semi-yearly e-mail to your internal communications calendar reminding staff of the value and ease of use of your EAP.

Provide a Financial Advisor

If your organization offers a 401(k), simple plan, pension, or other retirement program, ensure your employees know they have a resource to contact if they have questions about their retirement plans. Invite a financial advisor, local bank or credit union to speak to employees about cash management and saving options.

Simple acts of kindness – whether it’s a healthy snack, a nudge to take PTO, or a suggestion to contact professional help – go a long way in supporting a culture of wellness.

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