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Inclement Weather Preparedness

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Inclement Weather Preparedness

By The Employer Group - Feb 08, 2021

As we dive deeper into the winter season, mother nature challenges us time and time again with blistering winds, freezing temperatures and piles of snow and ice. Sometimes it’s so bad employees can’t get to work or even out of their driveways. Depending on where you live, you may not get snow, but you might experience wildfires, tornados or hurricanes. Regardless, this is a great time for employers to review the practices and policies they have in place around weather and work.

Having a communicated inclement weather policy improves communication and cuts down on confusion and lost time due to extra phone calls, text messages and e-mails. Options like remote work, flexible schedules, or the ability to use paid time off in these situations are key to maintaining a well-oiled, cohesive business operation. Inclement weather procedures and policies should be shared so that employees and managers can access anytime from anywhere, including employee handbooks, emergency procedure manuals, intranet sites or online shared folders.

If you find you don’t have these in place, or communicated, let us know! The Employer Group can help you create and roll out these types of policies and procedures.

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