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Looking for Skilled Employees? Look Internally

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Looking for Skilled Employees? Look Internally

By The Employer Group - Jun 06, 2022

So many employers today bemoan the lack of skilled workers. One thing these employers can do is look at its current employees and see who has the ability and interest in “upskilling,” a new term used to describe developing talent internally. The Harvard Business Review defines upskilling as a “longer-term investment in augmenting the knowledge, skills, and competencies that help employees advance their careers.”

If you’re interested in developing talent, do you:

  • Know what specific skills are really important now – and in the future?
  • Know which employees are engaged and invested in growing with you – and growing your company?
  • Know who in your organization want to be “trainers”? (These employees could be different than the “best employees” doing the work)
  • Have established, well-documented processes to follow when upskilling?
  • Have management’s support of an upskilling program, including support for the time and financial resources needed to upskill?

The idea of growing your current staff seems simple, but without having a clear program outlining who are the best people to develop, the tools and resources needed to do so, and the management support to put this program in place, it may not succeed. Look to The Employer Group to help you develop your staff by contacting us

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