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Mental Health Awareness

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Mental Health Awareness

By The Employer Group - Mar 16, 2022

With an ongoing pandemic and all the other negative news circulating around the world, the mental health of your employees is more important now than ever.

Here are some strategies employers will want to keep in mind when attempting to boost their employee’s mental well-being and overall mental health awareness for the organization as a whole:

Review Your Workplace Policies – Has it been a while since you last reviewed your workplace policies and procedures? Some of your old policies may be creating an undue hardship to your employees or can aggravate preexisting mental illness, whether that be inability to take a break, long working hours, or work overload. Set aside some time to review these policies and make updates to any policies that may be outdated, and no longer serve as a positive within your workforce going forward.

Review Your Benefit Programs – While all employers spend a lot of time reviewing their health and other important benefit programs each year, when is the last time you reviewed your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? Does that program offer counseling for the life problems your employees are experiencing? These types of programs should be continually refined to meet the current needs of your employees, such as COVID concerns which did not start until 2020. You should also remind employees that the EAP exists and how to access the service. Don’t have an EAP program? Start considering adding this benefit since accessibility to mental health services is key!

Workplace Culture – If an employee doesn’t see their workplace culture as accepting and supportive of mental health, they are going to be reluctant to talk about their issues. Organizations that promote the education of supervisors on mental health concerns, encourage supervisors to reach out and check in, and encourage employee to talk to their supervisors about potential stressors helps promote a safe space to have honest discussions. This will help your organization work towards breaking down mental health barriers and provide the support employees need to be high performers.

Every organization has a different need when it comes to their employees’ mental health and well-being, and it can be overwhelming in knowing where to start this process. Reach out to The Employer Group to see how we can support you in supporting your employees by emailing

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