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Resilience in the Workplace

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Resilience in the Workplace

By The Employer Group - Dec 30, 2020

During times like these, it can be hard to “bounce back” from challenges that we’re encountering every day because of the pandemic and the uncertainties it brings. As we look towards 2021, consider reflecting on your resilience. Can we take steps to develop resilience and keep moving towards achieving our goals? Here are a few examples of how you can build and maintain resilience in the workplace:

  1. Set Goals: Although the future is still unknown and it’s difficult to see how the pandemic will impact future business, take the time to set realistic goals for yourself and your team, and stay focused on achieving those goals. Celebrate the small wins and focus on winning, not losing.
  2. Stay Positive: It’s hard to stay positive right now. But if we turn our gaze towards success, we can stay focused on moving forward even when things are looking grim. Remember that even though we can’t control or influence all the negative forces right now, we can change how we interpret and respond to them.
  3. Develop Strong Working Relationships: Having strong connections leaves more room for solving problems and staying positive, and less room for stress. The support network you have can provide a foundation on which to stay resilient.
  4. Reflect: At the end of each day, take a moment to reflect on what happened. Look for the positives, not just the negatives. Recognize how you handled stressful news or a stressful situation, and consider how you could have done it better, or praise yourself for handling it well.

2021 brings hope, but it also brings continued challenges. Build and use your resilience to continue focusing on positive outcomes and achieving the goals you set for yourself and your team.

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