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Seasonal Business Spikes

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Seasonal Business Spikes

By The Employer Group - Dec 04, 2018

Does your business spike at various times of the year? Many companies have certain months or even weeks where it’s all hand on deck, and employees are putting in overtime, going the extra mile, and burning the candle, day and night.

It’s important to recognize those times and plan for them, not just to ensure you have adequate coverage or staffing, but to ensure your employees can sustainably meet the needs of the business.

Employees are not like machines, that can keep plugging away for hours on end without fail. They need breaks, they need to disconnect periodically, and they need to be recognized. If you know you’re going to have employees putting in a lot of extra time and effort during a peak season of your business, consider some of the following to pass the time and make things more bearable:

  • Communication – Try and provide as much communication to your employees regarding the peak business season, and what to expect. Understanding what is to come is a key component when it comes to employees being able to meet the demands of the business and remain engaged and optimistic. No one likes surprises, especially if that means less time with their family and friends and more time at the office.
  • Flextime – If possible, try and provide flexible work options for staff. Maybe it means they work less hours some days and more hours other days. If there is any way to keep your work-life balance, try it.
  • Recognition – If you do anything, it needs to be recognizing your employees for their additional efforts. Too many times business leaders will say, “That’s just part of your job,” and not realize how much of a toll those peak seasons and work hours have on employees. Sometimes the smallest amount of recognition goes a long way.
  • Food – Who doesn’t like snacks? Healthy, unhealthy, it doesn’t matter. Providing even some of the smallest, simplest snacks around the office can help employees grab what they need to keep on going for a bit. Some of the better options are healthy and provide energy, like apples or granola bars. If employees will be at the office for long periods of time without being able to get away briefly, consider buying lunch or dinner. Maybe something employees can even take back to their desks if they need to keep working.

Keep some of these in mind as the holiday season is approaching. Shopping malls will be buzzing, the postal service will be frantically delivering packages, and many businesses will be trying to squeeze in every bit of revenue before they must close the books. If you need a bit of help determining what is right for your organization, or just want to do more for your employees around peak busy times, give TEG a call.

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