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Showing Appreciation During COVID-19

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Showing Appreciation During COVID-19

By The Employer Group - Jun 22, 2020

As more regions across the United States begin to open back up, more people are going back to work. It is important to remember that COVID-19 cases continue and so will the concerns that surround it. Many employees may experience stress and anxiety during the pandemic and with going back to work. It’s important to show employees that their work and efforts are appreciated during these unprecedented times. There are a few powerful, cost-free ways to show your appreciation:

Check-In with Employees

Many employees have concerns regarding COVID-19, even if they don’t make it known to you. Check in with employees and make their mental and physical health a priority. You probably have protocols in place for their physical health, but what about their mental health? Set aside time each day to connect with employees to show that you understand their concerns. Many employees value quality time and feel truly appreciated as a result. The Employer Group has an Employee Assistance Program it offers its employees and its clients’ employees, and these programs are a great resource to employees during times of need.

Help Accomplish Challenging Tasks

COVID-19 can have a major impact on productivity. You may find that many employees are struggling to complete their work right now because they are playing catch-up, or are working reduced hours or with reduced staffing levels. It is important to be flexible during these times and understand what employees need: be realistic on setting job duties, timelines and offers of assistance. Consider helping employees with a task or project. Simple acts such as these show genuine appreciation.

Deliver Handwritten Thank You Notes

A simple handwritten thank-you note is a great way to show appreciation for employees to show you truly appreciate their dedication to their work, and the work they are doing. If handwriting letters seems like too big of a task, there are plenty more ways to show appreciation.

One of the easiest ways to show appreciation is by telling employees how much you appreciate them. Simply expressing appreciation verbally is often enough for an employee to feel valued.

Many employees are anxious during this unusual time and it is crucial that employees know that their contributions are valued. Showing your appreciation for employees is an important responsibility as a leader, and your appreciation efforts will pay off if they are personalized and sincere.

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