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Tis the Season for Hiring Seasonal Employees

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Tis the Season for Hiring Seasonal Employees

By The Employer Group - Oct 04, 2023

Holiday season is right around the corner—which means businesses are gearing up for seasonal employees. Hiring seasonal employees can be even trickier than hiring for your regular permanent positions, which leads to businesses cutting corners. However, seasonal employees still represent your business, and the process is just as important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for additional staff for the busy season:

  • Get a head start: It’s never too early to start looking for seasonal employees, especially when the need for workers is in high demand now, more than ever. Keep in mind, like your regular staff members, you will need time to go through the entire recruitment and training process.
  • Consider recommendations from other employees or past seasonal employees: If you’re hiring for seasonal employees, it is likely this is not your first time. Before posting your position(s), it’s a good idea to notify your current employees in case they have any contacts that would be a good fit or are interested. If you have past seasonal employees that were a great fit, consider reaching out to them for the position(s) available.
  • Project your needs: Take the time to sit down and really think about what the busy season looks like for your company and determine how many employees you need. This is a good time to review the past job description(s) and determine if there are any changes that need to be made. When reviewing the job description(s), be sure expectations are clearly stated so applicants understand your expectations right away. Keep in mind, those looking for a seasonal position are looking for something specific—therefore, tailor your job description to show how you can help meet their needs (competitive pay, bonus, flexible scheduling, etc.).
  • Identify the right employee: Even though you are hiring for a seasonal position, you still need to be sure the candidate will align with your company’s culture and values. That being said, your interview process should remain the same, with additional questions that apply directly to the position that they are applying for.
  • Don’t neglect onboarding: Many may think the onboarding process isn’t as important when it comes to seasonal employees; however, that is not the case. Your seasonal staff onboarding process will be different in terms of what they need to know and be trained on; however, the paperwork and documentation requirements remain the same. If you are hiring minors during this holiday season, it is also important to know your state law(s) surrounding the employment of minors.

Seasonal employees can be a great asset to your team; however, finding those that fit your company culture and values can be stressful. With a little time and focus on the needs of your business, you can implement a hiring strategy that will set your business up for success this holiday season and many more to come.

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