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Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace – Start Drafting Your Policies

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Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace – Start Drafting Your Policies

By The Employer Group - Nov 30, 2023

Is it a technology trend, a fad, or is it here to fundamentally alter the way we do business? Everywhere you look or read, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemingly in the spotlight. AI has been embedded in our work for years, running behind the scenes without our knowledge. Machine learning, virtual agents, and natural language generation are all things we have come to easily accept in our everyday lives, without even knowing it. But what is the next step for organizations who want to leverage AI for business purposes?

A recent article published by CNBC shows that out of 800 executives surveyed about the future use of AI, nearly half believe that AI could replace many leadership duties. Many state that AI could easily replace mundane, repetitive tasks, such as writing reports, drafting presentations, and giving speeches.  However, those same executives felt that AI was not a replacement for the “soft skills” that good leaders bring to the table, like critical thinking, vision, teamwork, and inspiring others.

What’s more interesting is those same executives felt that AI would render 49% of the current skill sets in their organizations useless by 2025, and that 47% of their workers will not be prepared for that future.

Businesses should always be cautious when charting new territory. Copywrite infringement, incorrect information, and erroneous decision making are all things that have already happened when there is not enough oversight into what some AI programs are doing. These issues, as well as many future issues we have yet to encounter, are being watched by more than just business leaders. The current federal administration recently signed an Executive Order which will create guidance and security measures while we continually hand over more and more to AI platforms.

Businesses would be wise to start implementing AI policies now regarding the use of AI. Whether it is everyday operations, or how to utilize company owned AI technology, there should always be parameters in place and a clear understanding of what acceptable usage is.


This information does not constitute legal advice.

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