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Voting Time Off

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Voting Time Off

By Marcus Neumaier, SHRM-CP, HR Generalist - Nov 05, 2018

Election Day is tomorrow, November 6. Before you get an employee in your office telling you he/she is going to need the morning off to vote, now may be a good time to check the laws in your state so you know how much time your employees can take off to vote and whether that time off is paid.

In Wisconsin, for example, an employee is entitled to be absent from work for up to 3 successive hours while the polls are open. This provision applies regardless of whether the employee would likely have sufficient time to vote either before or after his/her scheduled shift. Employees who intend to be absent must notify the employer before Election Day of the intended absence. The employer can designate the time of day the employee takes the time off. Importantly, employers are NOT required to pay the employee for the time he or she is absent.

Wondering about other states? See what the law is in your state.

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