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Workplace Culture Among Employees

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Workplace Culture Among Employees

By The Employer Group - Jan 15, 2024

Going into the new year, organizations should start strategizing how to create an inviting work culture and employer brand that not only attracts new talent, but also retains current employees. Workplace culture is directly related to the employer brand, which incapsulates the mission, values, and culture of the organization projected to the public. Organizations should make it a priority to develop and maintain a positive workplace culture to build a foundation that will enhance the organization’s future success and growth.

Business leaders and human resources professionals are both vital in implementing and maintaining a positive workplace culture for employees. It is essential that leadership and HR are clearly representing and communicating the goals and values of the company to employees.

Workplace culture can be a positive (or negative) catalyst to every function within the organization, with the biggest impact being on the employees themselves. Workplace culture affects the mental health, engagement, and performance of employees. If your organization is looking to create a positive workplace culture to improve employees’ experience, consider implementing the following:

  • Employee training and development
  • Employee recognition
  • Leadership open door policy
  • Effective compensation philosophy and structure
  • Wellness programs

These strategies may be difficult for some companies to implement due to a lack of resources – both financial and staffing. However, investing in your employees does not only benefit them, but also your organization in the long term. According to a Society of Human Resources Management (“SHRM”) report on workplace culture, one in five Americans have left a job in the past five years due to poor company culture. The estimated cost of the turnover was over $200 billion. To ensure your organization does not suffer the same consequences, employers should strive to create a culture where employees feel engaged and valued.

As an employer, if you find yourself asking, “How can we foster a positive workplace culture in our organization?” contact The Employer Group and our HR experts can help you determine the best strategy to fit your business!



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